Wk 12-13 Disc 1 Eagleman Chapter 6 who will we be?

Wk 12-13 Disc 1 Eagleman Chapter 6 who will we be?

please answer the one of the 5 questions.( pick only one in your preference, please quote from the chapter 6 ) 1 page enough


1.Eagleman believes that “we can expect to see radical advancements in the technology that we rely on.” Name one specific advancement   we might expect. Quote. Why can we expect it?


2.Explain and give examples:  “At this moment in history we may have more in common with our Stone Age ancestors than with our near future descendants”  (173).


3.What does Eagleman mean when he says: “we are no longer a natural species that has to wait for sensory adaptations on an evolutionary timescale.” Give some specific examples from the chapter and/or research.



Eagleman gives many examples showing that artificial intelligence may NOT ever be capable of consciousness. Choose one and explain.What more can you find out about this? Include URLs.



What is one of the examples  Eagleman gives  to show that artificial intelligence may become conscious. Explain.



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