Collepal Limited privacy Policy

The use of our website is secure and EEA data security compliant. Here are our guiding principles.

Any personal data you enter on our website is intended to help you enjoy our services. We will only use information provided for the operations in our website.

We are transparent on what we gather, meaning you can question our live support on any shared information.

Our customers can control the amount of information shared on our website and also be able to categorize the data on who can view it or where it can be shared.

Our website remains committed to protecting our clients data and privacy. We will ask you for personal data but rest assured that the data is stored with strict levels of confidentiality.

In this section we will explain the several types of data that we may ask you to share;

Your country

We use this to purely verify your location which is necessary in service delivery. It also helps us in preventing fraudulent activities

Your email

Our website mainly uses email as the main mode of communication with our users. Sometimes we use email to notify you of our marketing programs and discount packages.

During registration on our website we will ask you to provide us with a username that you will be using to login to our website. The same username will be used to identify you with our live support agents.

Phone number

We will ask you to provide us with a phone number. Upon request we can notify you of your order progress via sms or a phone call. If you don’t want us to call you, indicate this during user registration.

Is it legal for us to collect your personal data?

We are a law abiding company. We only collect your personal data when we have contract with you. By contract we mean that you have allowed us to collect your data and provide the services offered on our website. If you believe we have your data without your prior information do not hesitate to contact us immediately via [email protected].

How can you reach us

Chat with our live support team anytime of the day.


Contact Address

Our address remains to be
Address: 987 Akken, Buffalo, NY 14102, USA
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 (516)494-0538




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